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About Us

About At the Saucy Spice Co we have been blending spices into mixed spice packs for use by home cooks, since 2001. Today we have more than 150 retailers selling our blends and many thousands of customers who can taste the difference that fresh dried herbs and spices make.

Nothing sits on our shelves for very long so the customer gets the benefits of spice blends that are fresh, tasty and free from any added flavours or preservatives.

In response to requests from our clients, we are now offering wholesale prices on bulk spices to restaurant, cafe, butcher shops and home users. We are delighted to be able to pass on the freshness and savings to those businesses and people who are discerning enough to appreciate both. We have kept our prices to you at a very reasonable level and we are sure that you will be surprised at the savings we can offer on bulk spice distribution. We are also expanding into more product all the time, including a greater herb and spice range, bulk nuts and dried fruit.

At the Saucy Spice Co, we only offer that which we are willing to use in our business for our own blends. We look forward to supplying you.

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