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Hand Blended Spice Mix - Dukkah

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Dukkah Blend (Mild)

Straight from the Kitchens of the Saucy Spice Co. Our hand blended spice mixes contain no fillers, no preservatives, no anti-caking agents or other additives of any kind and they are gluten free.

A salt free, hazelnut based Dukkah blend.



Wholesale Value, Gourmet Quality

Why should you order your Bulk Spices from the Saucy Spice Co?

We only use the freshest Herbs and Spices, so you can taste the difference.
All our Herbs and Spices are delivered as nature intended them, free from any additives (preservatives, flavours,salt, anti caking agents etc.)
We pass on the savings to give you fair priced quality produce
We are reliable
We are an Australian owned family business
We are the Saucy Spice Co

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